Celebrating color with pixels, fruit, and photography.

In this series, I intentionally manipulate my own existing digital images using pixelation. My original image is captured at standard high resolution, in-camera. The digital negative is then reformatted and produced at minimal resolution, becoming a grid of colored squares. Each square in the grid is a single pixel and a solid block of color. The pixels themselves suggest building blocks of matter, e.g., cells, atoms, or molecules. Interestingly, unexpected colors sit beside one another to form an surprisingly harmonic whole. 

I want this series to be a reminder that the world is in harmony - more often than we think. 

We naturally focus on our differences and disagreements. And yet, with a deeper look, we find at our most basic levels, we are very much the same. We all love and want to be loved. We all desire respect. Greater understanding leads to greater peace.

Stylistically, my focus on color echoes the emotionality and meditative qualities celebrated by Abstract Expressionism. My use of shapes emphasizes my interest in color study. Presenting my subject distilled, un-idealized, is my answer to the challenge issued by the Impressionists. In creating this series, I endeavor to incorporate inspiration from both movements within the constructs of digital, photographic, image manipulation.

This series is a work in progress. While I have chosen still life images of fruit as the first subjects of this series, I look forward to exploring the theme of Colorscapes within the genres of portraiture and landscape as well.